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10 Best Web Code Editors to Help You Make a Better Coder

Well, if we talk about web development rather than coding, it is that part where every web designer spends its time whole time. But, frankly speaking, it becomes more hectic work when you have to develop large software or applications because they need a strong presence of mind as well as a lot of stamina to deal with common issues that make the simple task more complicated.

Every web developer wants to finish their work without creating any confusion while managing long lines of codes for applications or software. Even if we talk about productivity then this is the only reason where a lot of web developers gain or lose something.

To tackle this problem and make the way much more convenient for web developers, we have some of the best web code editors. These web code editors provide a lot of functionality to the web developers toolbox to complete their work efficiently. These web code editors can be easily found by anyone on the web as open source code editors, although there is a common myth that premium versions are more powerful. But if you don’t want to spend anything than free open source code editors are the right choice for you.

These free open source code editors also provide features like highlighting, auto completion mode, and even highlight the background for a more comfortable environment. Some also allow you to edit anywhere or save and share with your friends. In order to give you more powerful alternatives we are just going to list the best free web code editors that will boost your productivity in no time. Give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

1) Code editor – Dabblet



2) Web Code Editor –  Code Any Where

Codeanywhere is one of the most popular code editosr among developers. This editor works in any browser and has an integrated ftp client as well as support for all HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML.


3) Web Code Editor –  Hyro

Start with this editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding. It’s very impressive, lightweight and easy to set up with multiple functionalities. This editor make easy to manage source code for your web projects.


4) Best Code Editor – Codeita

This editor allows cloud-based web applications and it provides a social environment to create, edit and deploy web projects in a LAMP software bundle. Codeita makes it easy for developers to manage code, files and databases right from a browser-based dashboard.


5) Web Code Editor – Ice Coder

This is the best open-source browser code editor to help you build websites and web applications with code directly online or offline.


6) Best Web Code Editor – Coda



7) Web Code Editor –

This is an online editor where you can run your codes easily and fast. You can manage your code or save your data online or offlline in just a few simple steps.


8) Web Code Editor – Codemirror

CodeMirror is implemented in JavaScript for the browser. This text editor allows you to edit code according to requirement. It is popular among developers because of its many advanced functionalities.


9) Online Web Code Editor – Codepen



10) Web Code Editor – Brackets