12 Impressive JavaScript & HTML5 Presentation Frameworks

As website development is growing exponentially and at a rapid pace, more people are making it their professional career and developing great websites. These great websites may differ from different business prospectives, and there are various sectors where one can make a contribution to this area. Along with these fast changes and growth in the field of website development, new techniques are also being introduced by various developers for doing their daily tasks easier and in a well-defined manner. If we look from the business point of view, then there are several types of businesses who strongly need to implement presentations on their websites.

Presentation is basically a way of representing the organizational visual details to create an overall impression. For this purpose, there are different languages such as Javascript and HTML5 that help to embed these features into the web pages. But doing this task manually is really time consuming, so to make this process better, web developers provide a flexible way to use it within the web pages with the help of frameworks. Even WordPress, which is one of the best open-source platforms, also provides the flexibility to use presentations within web pages.

With the help of these frameworks and libraries, making and including presentations inside your web pages becomes a much more convenient and easy task. There are many JavaScript/HTML5 presentation frameworks available on the web that help create modern layouts of web pages with presentation features. These JavaScript and HTML5 presentation frameworks are the easiest way to create presentations for the modern browsers. They also make web development much better for developers.

Let’s have a look at 12 JavaScript/HTML5 presentation frameworks and  don’t forget to share your experiences with us on which framework or libraries you like the most and why.

1) Presentation Framework –  Deck.js

Deck js is one of the most impressive and advanced HTML presentation framework with new and stunning features and functionality to show your slide.


2) Presentation Framework –  Tacion.js

Tacion.js is the jQuery mobile framework to help you build a real-time presentation.


3) Presentation Framework – Fathom.js

This presentation framework creates a slideshow in HTML with CSS style and control it with some jQuery powered javascript.


4) Presentation Framework – Impress.js

Impress.js is one of the most impressive HTML/javascript presentation frameworks with its attractive interface and creative functionalities.


5) Presentation Framework – Reveal.js

Reveal.js is an HTML presentation framework that provides modern slides to create a unique slideshow.


6) Presentation Framework –  Presenteer.js



7) Presentation Framework –  Jmpress.js

Jmpress.js is also known as a very impressive presentation framework.


8) Presentation Framework –  DZ Slides

Create your presentation with these new techniques using HTML5 and CSS3.


9) Presentation Framework –  slides

You can’t create a better slideshow/presentation with HTML using Slides.


10) Presentation Framework –  Slides Google Code



11) Presentation Framework  – Perkele.js



12) Presentation Framework –  HTML Slidy