Top 18 Best Javascript Frameworks for Developers

JavaScript framework is the one of the best features of the JavaScript programming language. Essentially, JavaScript framework is the set of pre-written JavaScript code that helps to ease development of the JavaScript based applications. This framework is also known as JavaScript libraries, which enhance the use of this programming language in many ways. It becomes much easier to develop the applications by the use of the same code written in these JavaScript frameworks rather than to write the same line of code each time individually, which becomes more difficult and requires more time.

We have already shared some posts about the JavaScript frameworks in the past, where we have presented JavaScript Libraries for developers. Even though we have already talked a lot about the JavaScript, let’s just stick to today’s topic. JavaScript framework can be found anywhere on the web with different type of working capabilities according to the situation where we want to use them. But selecting the best framework is a tough job and requires the complete knowledge about the language so that one can find something useful. Keeping these things in mind, we have individually selected the most useful JavaScript framework for 2014 and we hope you will find our compilation useful.

1) Best javascript Framework –  Backbonejs

This tool provides a lot of facility-like models with key-value binding and custom events,  API of enumerable functions, views, and other useful rich APIs that help to create a modern application.


2) Best Javascript Framework –  Spinejs

Spine is simple and lightweight framework. Using this tool, developers can build amazing javascript MVC applications. Click on the download link and make awesome applications.



3) Best javascript Framework – angularjs

Angularjs is one of the most popular javascript framework that extend HTML vocabulary for your application. This is a toolset for building the framework most suited to your application development. This presents a familiar behave to others libraries.




4) Best javascript Framework – Agility.js

Agility.js is MVC library for JavaScript. Compared to other MVC libraries, it provides a browser code that’s easy to maintain and reuse, while allowing developers to write web apps with jquery.



5) Best javascript Framework – Can.js

Use this framework for developing applications in a simple and fast way. Canjs is a JavaScript library; it’s small and its modern features are easy to learn.


6) Best javascript Framework – Sammy.js

This is simple and small web JavaScript framework. This library makes the API easy to understand and read.



7) Best javascript Framework – Snack.js

This library is good for developing complex and cross browser web pages in a simple way.


8) Best javascript Framework – Ember.js

Emberjs is another popular JavaScript framework for developing amazing web applications. Its API helps you finish your project quickly.


9) Best javascript Framework – Stapes

stapes is a well-designed JavaScript framework that gives style of coding with class creating, custom events, and data method.


10) Best javascript Framework – Mochikit



11) Best javascript Framework – Extjs

Sencha Ext JS is the industry’s most powerful desktop application development platform with unparalleled cross-browser compatibility, advanced MVC architecture, plugin-free charting, and modern UI widgets.


12) Best javascript Framework – QUnit.js

Qunitjs is the testing javascript framework.


13) Best javascript Framework – Serenade.js

Serenade.js is a client-side framework that also creates rich client-side applications.


14) Best javascript Framework – Feathers.js

Feathers is one of the most popular light-weight web application framework for nodejs. I also creates RESTful web services and real-time applications.


15) Best javascript Framework – rAppid.js

The (rAppid.js) is rich application JavaScript MVC framework. It introduces an eXtendable Application Markup Language (XAML), MV-Bindings, and event handling.



16) Best javascript Framework – Amplify.js



17) Best javascript Framework – Soma.js

This one is also a simple and lightweight JavaScript framework that presents a clean API and helps to build web applications.



18) Best javascript Framework – Knockout.js