8 Best Cross-Platform Editors for Web Developers

We are thankful to our readers for appreciating our articles, supporters and suggestions. We always try to present some useful stuff on Today, we are going to present integrated development environment (IDE) for web developers. IDE is a tool that makes programming easy with its great facilities for coders. They provide modern user interface for programmers that make it easy to type code quicker and catch programming problems easier.

There are so many IDEs available for multiple languages, with some specially made for particular languages. They are also for Linux, Windows and OS X. They have some great features like development text editor with impressive tools, compilation, debugging and many more.

Today, we have selected some of the best IDE (integrated development environment) for programmers or coders. Visit this list and share your views with us. I hope programmers use these cross platform IDEs.


1) Best Cross Platform IDE – Brackets

Brackets, is one of the most popular open source IDE/Code editor among front-end web developers and designers. It has some useful tools that push HTML and CSS to the browser without having to save or reload the page. This is a powerful tool; you will love to write code in Bracket.



2) Best Cross Platform IDE – Light Table

You can modify reining programs and embed or install anything from websites to games. Light table is an open-source new interactive IDE for debugging and editing. This one is also a great cross platform Integrated Development Environment.



3) Best Cross Platform IDE – Dart lang Editor

Dart editor is a unique open source code editor with advance features like code completion, refactoring, outline view, and debugging code. Click on the link and download Dart Editor and enjoy coding.



4) Best Cross Platform IDE – Sublime Text

Sublime is the perfect text editor for code with its great user interface, awesome features and high performance. This tool is available for OS X, Windows and Linux Its features will attracts you: –
1) GotoAnything
2) Multiple selection
3) Command Palette
4) Split Editing
5) Plugin APi
6) Cross Platform


Best Cross Platform IDEs - sublime-text

5) Best Cross Platform IDE – Eclipse


best cross platform IDEs - eclips

6) Best Cross Platform IDE – Inellij Idea

This Java editor has modern technologies and advance features, including tools and frameworks for Java programmers. Intellij supports various build systems also simplified web development with intelligent editors for HTML, Javascript, CSS and more. It also makes easy developing for mobile platforms.


best cross platform IDEs - intellijidea

7) Best Cross Platform IDE – Aptana

Aptana studio 3 is a professional, open-source development editor for web programmers. It supports the latest browser technology specs, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python.
Features – IDE, customization, Developemtn Wizard, Intergrated Debugger and more.


best cross platform IDEs - aptana

8) Best Cross Platform IDE – Xamarin

Xamarine is one of the best cross-platform for mobile development. Mobile programmers can build apps for Android, iOS, and Mac.

Its Amazing features –

1) Mobile platform features
2) code completion
3) Powerful Debugging Supports
4) Smart Syntax Highlighting
5) Source Control
6) Code Navigation
7) Power and Simplicity

Best cross-platform IDE - xamarin-ide


Best Cross Platform IDE - Julia Studio

Julia Studio features fast integrated development tools for julia language. Julia is a fast, simple, and dynamic programming language.


best cross platform IDEs - julia-studio-ides