12 Best Free Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks 2014

Today we have listed some of the best free premium WordPress theme frameworks available. These framework tools take a small amount of time in developing and designing. They provide an important role among web programmers. The tools offer many great features and advanced functionalities to create websites like blogger, portfolio, magazine, and more styles.

There are lots of WordPress theme frameworks over the Internet. You can choose the best one that meets your requirements to build a beautiful theme. Theme frameworks are most popular among developers. They help to produce fresh design layouts and save time.

Here are the 12 best free premium WordPress theme frameworks.

1) Thematic

Thematic is one of the best open sources theme frameworks. It is great for beginning bloggers and WordPress development professionals. It offers a lot of great features, including:
• A blank WordPress theme for development
• Fully Search-Engine Optimized
• Extra widget-ready areas (13 in total) and more possible in your child theme
• Free and commercially supported child themes are available for upgrading
• A sample WordPress child theme for rapid development
• A wiki-editable guide to thematic customization
• Ready for WordPress plugins like Subscribe to Comments, WP-PageNavi, and Comment-license
• Fully compatible with All-In-One SEO and Platinum SEO plugins


Best free wordpress themes frameworks 2014-thematic

2) White Board Framework

This one is another amazing WordPress framework called whiteboard. It includes only the core WordPress structure and does not get fancy with unnecessary functions. Some of its feature include:

• A completely Free and Open Source framework
• Reduction in WordPress development time
• Multi-lingual compatible
• Less Framework and CSS3 for an instant mobile website
• Minimalist design to build off of, but easy to remove to build from scratch
• Strong and flexible div structure
• Lightweight and well-noted code


Best free wordpress themes frameworks 2014-whiteboard

3) Studiopress

This is a premium WordPress theme framework for developers. With this framework you can build amazing and effective websites in WordPress easily and quickly.


Best free wordpress themes frameworks 2014-studiopress

4) Wonder Flux

This is one of the best WordPress frameworks for professionals. It allows developers to create highly sophisticated and customizable WordPress themes with advanced functionalities.


Best free wordpress themes frameworks 2014-wonderflux

5)  Tesla Themes

Tesla is a powerful and premium WordPress theme. It offers advanced features, clean designs and great support.


Best free wordpress themes frameworks 2014-teslathems

6) Presswork

PressWork is a free, open-source theme framework built for WordPress 3.3. It uses HTML5 and CSS3. It was created out of a need for a framework that catered to all types of users. As developers, we needed it to be powerful enough to allow for complete customization, which is why every element in PressWork can be hooked into.


Best free wordpress themes frameworks 2014-presswork

7) Diy Themes

Diy themes is one of the best way to design your templates and themes. This is a manager for WordPress. You can easily manage your WordPress design at your end.


Best free wordpress themes frameworks 2014-diytheme

8) Roots

Roots is the modern and advanced WordPress development. It providse a platform that helps you make better themes with HTML5 and all.


Best free wordpress themes frameworks 2014-root

9) Dynamik Website Builder


Best free wordpress themes frameworks 2014-dynamik

10) Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme Framework

Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components. There is also optional JavaScript extensions.



11) headwaythemes



12) Cherry Framework