10 Latest JavaScript Tools 2014 for Developers

It’s our pleasure to share great stuff for our readers. Today we are going to share the latest tools for JavaScript developers. JavaScript has lots of highly useful tools over the Internet that help programmers. Some of the many features offered include APIs, advanced frameworks, code-over-configuration, JavaScript plugins and much more  to complete a task easily.

Here are the 10 latest JavaScript tools for developers. Let us know in the comments below if you have a favorite tool.

1) Kreate

This tool helps to quickly generate DOM for jQuery objects. It can create a single element or multiple elements faster than jQuery.


best latest jaascript tools for 2014-kreate

2) Nightwatch.js

Nightwatch.js is an easy and powerful syntax. It writes tests very quickly and is an end-to-end testing solution for browser apps and websites.

best latest jaascript tools for 2014 - nightwatchjs

3) Gulp.js

Gulp.js is a simple and efficient tool for those who prefer code over configuration. It is very easy to learn with a minimal API surface.

best latest jaascript tools for 2014 -gulpjs

 4) EasyStar.js

EasyStar.js is an API written in JavaScript for use in HTML5 games. Developers can use it with an existing JavaScript framework. It will help you make your projects simple and easy.


best latest jaascript tools for 2014-easystirjs

5) Headroom.js

Headroom.js is a lightweight, high-performance JS widget (with no dependencies!). It allows you to react to the user’s scroll. 


best latest jaascript tools for 2014-headroomjs

6) Harpjs

Harp is a fast, lightweight web server. Harp serves Jade, Markdown, EJS, CoffeeScript, Sass, LESS and Stylus as HTML, CSS & JavaScript. No configuration is necessary.


best latest jaascript tools for 2014-harpjs

7) Gantt Twproject

Twoproject tools is a free online JavaScript tool to build on jquery for creating gantt. Some of the amazing features include zooming, CSS skin, resources editing,  in-place editing and many more.


best latest jaascript tools for 2014-gantt

8) Mocha

Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on node.js. the browser makes asynchronous testing simple and fun. Mocha tests run serially, allowing for flexible and accurate reporting, while mapping uncaught exceptions to the correct test cases.

best latest jaascript tools for 2014-mocha

9) Responsive Nav

Responsive Nav is a tiny JavaScript plugin that helps you to create a toggled navigation for small screens. It uses touch events and CSS3 transitions for the best possible performance. 

best latest jaascript tools for 2014-responsive-nav

10) File API

Here is the set of JavaScript tools for working files.


best latest jaascript tools for 2014-fileapi