6 Best Free VoIP Software for Linux Users

Linux is the second most popular operating system among users. Every OS contains large amounts of useful software for users. Today, we are going to share Voice over IP(VoIP)  software. Nowadays, internet telephony is widely used among internet users. Skype is one of the best way to connect, providing advanced functionality for its users.

If you want to call over the internet to a family member or friend, you can do so with these applications. We always try to share good stuff on our site, such as cheat sheets, web templates, jQuery plugins and much more. Please visit these best VoIP software for Linux systems and share your thoughts with us.

1) Twinkle Phone

Twinkle is one of the best VoIP softwares for instant message communications using SIP protocols. It’s also used for direct IP phone to IP phone communication.



2) Ekiga

Ekiga is free open-source softphone and instant messenger application over the internet.



3) kPhone

KPhone is a SIP UA for Linux, supporting a multitude of features.



4) Qutecom



5) Linphone

Linephone is another excellent way to connect over internet phone or voice over IP phone ( VoIP). With linphone you can communicate freely with people over the internet, with voice, video, and text instant messaging.


6) kiax2

Kiax is an open-source softphone that provides a simple user interface for making VoIP calls.