How to Extend iPhone Battery Life After an iOS 8 Upgrade

Two new iPhones have hit the market and, as usual, Apple has released a new version of iOS alongside them. The new operating system, iOS 8, is full of new features, but as with many new releases, it is not bug-free yet. Many users are complaining that their phone batteries are draining even faster than with previous versions of the operating system. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to extend your battery’s life after upgrading to iOS 8.

Battery Breakdown

This feature allows you to disable apps that are running in the background and are potentially draining your battery. Access it via Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. Turn off any applications that you are not currently using.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh checks various installed apps and updates them in the background. While this can be handy to make sure you have the latest versions of your apps with minimal effort, it can also drain your battery unnecessarily. You can turn it off through your iPhone’s general settings under “Background App Refresh.”

Disable 4G Lite

This is the generation of speedy Internet connections, but 4G lite comes at a price. If you do not truly need a fast internet connection, try turning off 4G to save battery life. Disable it through Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE (select to turn off). Better yet, use a wifi connection for your Internet needs whenever possible.

Disable Dynamic Wallpaper

The new wallpaper options may be pretty, but creating all that movement on your phone also takes up a lot of battery energy. Choose a static background instead of a dynamic one if you are having battery-life issues.

Turn Screen Brightness Down

While the iOS 8 update does not turn your screen brightness up, this is often the easiest way to extend your battery life. You may not have had previous issues, but turning your screen brightness down by half can extend your battery life by an hour or more. Adjust the brightness via Settings > Display & Brightness. Disable Auto-Brightness for an even bigger boost to battery life.

Replace Your Battery

 If none of the above tips work and you are using an older iPhone, it may be time to replace your battery. Batteries lose overall capacity over time, so even when fully charged, they will not hold as much power or last as long as a new battery.

¬†Whether you just purchased a new iPhone 6 or 6s, or you upgraded your old iPhone to iOS 8, you can expect struggles with battery life. The new features may be fun, but if you are away from your charger frequently, you should get used to turning off many of the more power-hungry options to extend your battery’s life.