Secret iPad Tool for Project Managers: Moment Diary

One of the biggest challenges for a Project Manager is making sure that all the details are remembered and incorporated when need be.  Changes in direction, on-going decision-making and just who said what and when, can be hard to remember as things get complicated and busy.

One of the best tools to address the problem is the project diary. The project manager is often identifiable as the one who is always carrying a notebook or large diary.  As the technological age continues to develop, this may sometimes be a laptop computer.

The iPad can do even better.  No need to be plugged in (unless you need a recharge) and a lot easier to perch on your knee, it’s very much a go-anywhere accessory and doesn’t weigh any more than the diary did.

MD — the Moment Diary — is a simple but effective diary of notes with a date stamp.  With its  ability to insert pictures and voice notes as well as text, it’s very easy to make progress reports hassle-free and very quick to put together.  The search function makes it a breeze finding specific notes again.  You can sort your dates into ascending or descending order, or select a range of dates for export. You can also set ‘stickers’ to flag important notes (10 stickers for £1.49).

 iPad Screenshot 1

As well as a full calendar, the app has settings for font sizes and colours with on/off for most features.  Exporting is done with an email or by linking from PC or Mac using your browser and the IP address of your iPad.

 iPad Screenshot 2

Categorisation must be done with an extra tag rather than splitting notes up into topics or books as you might with another app, but this is so like the old project diary or notebook, that it will feel familiar immediately.

Available from the app store for free, this 10MB app from Utagoe Inc will slide easily into the project manager’s toolkit