Top 5 Podcast Apps for Android

Do you enjoy consuming audio content on the go? Do you like listening to podcasts while you’re commuting to work or enduring long business flights? Consuming content in audio form instead of text is booming in popularity. From venture capitalists and angel investors to tech bloggers and entrepreneurs, numerous individuals are jumping onto the podcasting band wagon. Finding content you want to consume on your smartphone is made easier by a number of excellent podcast management apps. Following are five top Android options to investigate:

Pocket Casts – Full Featured, Beautiful and Simple to Use

Available via shiftyjelly, the Pocket Casts app lets you discover content in both audio and video format. Sort your casts according to genre, listening status (played/not played), or even according to download date.

Pocket Casts - screenshot thumbnail

Podcast Republic – Search Podcast in iTunes’ Collection

Offered by NonlinearSoft, Podcast Republic lets you create play lists, sort your casts into multiple categories, and sync data with your vehicle. Listen to your favorite podcaster while you’re driving to work and then continue listening on your Android device once you hit the office.

Podcast Republic - screenshot thumbnail

BeyondPod Podcast Manager – Sophisticated Download Engine

BeyondPod’s Podcast Manager app lets users listen in both online and offline mode. Customize play lists, discover intriguing content, and sort casts in multiple formats. Choose between trending content, recommended podcasts, or content from specific geographic locations.

BeyondPod for Tablets - screenshot thumbnail

Player FM – Cloud Sync on Multiple Platforms

The Player FM app also offers online and offline listening capabilities. Find curated content in topics you enjoy and subscribe to topics as well as to specific providers. Player FM offers cloud sync, catalogue browsing, and episode tracking.

Player FM - Podcast and Sync - screenshot thumbnail

Stitcher – Change the Way You Listen to Radio

Stitcher is another excellent Android listening app you can consider. Discover everything from comedy shows to newscasts. Features include custom stations, breaking news updates, and social media sharing capabilities.

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts - screenshot thumbnail

Test each of these apps to see which one best suits your listening preferences. Except for Pocket Casts, all of the above-listed downloads are free. Whether you prefer listening to influential tech industry personalities or light-hearted content from talk radio hosts, these podcast apps make consuming audio and video content easy. Which of these downloads will be making it to the home screen on your Android device?