Why Choosing a VPN Is Like Choosing a Partner

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy virtual private network (VPN)? In many ways the process of choosing a VPN is like choosing a wife as there are quite a few similarities. Now, there are some who might be offended by the comparison but do give me the benefit of the doubt as I try to make the comparison.

What Is A VPN?
A VPN is software solution that lets companies use public Internet lines in order to form a virtual and private network. These networks can operate between different parties through a set of hardware and software protocols that encrypt traffic and authenticate users.

A VPN is different from a wide area network (WAN) since the latter uses network lines that are leased. This limits all web traffic to corporate businesses.

Here are two main types of VPNs:

Trusted VPNs
These VPNs are based on a network provider’s third-party services. The provider deals with all web traffic and provides a guarantee that all network communications are secure. These VPNs can include multi-protocol systems. Just like picking a wife the VPNs available for commercial or private use can seem unlimited.

Point-to-Point Protocol (PTPP)
This is the VPN protocol for Microsoft. It is generally considered less secure than several other VPNs in the industry.


Choosing A Wife vs. Choosing a VPN

The reason one makes the comparison is because the key qualities tend to be the same. When you are looking to get married, you want someone who is reliable and faithful, someone who is not high maintenance and someone you will not regret marrying.


Those are the same qualities you look for when selecting a long term VPN solution. A VPN that is reliable and faithful, where there are no high fees attached and a VPN that will not give you any regrets.


Reliable and Faithful
These are characteristics you want in your future spouse and also in your VPN. The key is to pick a reputable VPN in order to provide both reliable and safe service. Your online activities will be a lot more secure and it will make it tougher for third parties to spy on you.

Picking a VPN in a foreign country will not always offer top-notch protection. You should also be aware you are still somewhat at risk to experience hack attacks and bugs. This highlights the need to pick a trustworthy VPN. You should also search for VPNs with a “kill switch.” This blocks web access automatically when your encrypted connection falls. This could result in your PC using your ISP to reconnect to open sites after you disconnect from the VPN.

Is It Affordable?
You will not have any problems finding a VPN since companies of different sizes and various industries offer them. VPNs can provide several benefits including affordability. You can even find free VPNs. The problem is you will probably have to deal with lower reliability and online ads. Another possible drawback is the VPN not supporting all of your company’s employees.

You can find paid VPN options that offer low per-month fees that are included as a part of subscriptions. If you get a monthly subscription the cost for the VPN will likely offer big savings. You will have to pay higher rates for extra security and encryption. However, this will typically only increase the cost by about $20 or so. The higher fee might be worthwhile if it means you are getting a more secure connection. In a way it is like spending more time to find the perfect wife for you.

Choosing Wisely


The divorce rate has sky-rocketed all over the world as husbands and wives regret their initial choice. They often admit that they did not know all of their characteristics and had they known, they would have never have married them in the first place.


Do keep this in mind when choosing a VPN. Do not be in a hurry to select a VPN but take the time to research and review. This will save you both time and money as it will prevent you from making a poor decision.
How Does a VPN Work?
It can sometimes seem impossible to avoid becoming a victim to high-profile hack attacks, which have been sky-rocketing during recent years. If you want to prevent your personal and financial data from being stolen one way to do that is through VPNs.

It is surprising how easy it is to set up a secure VPN connection to let you log in remotely, for example. First you use an ISP to link to the public web. Then you use client software to connect to the company VPN. The server’s client software creates a secure connection then provides remote user access to the network.

You can also use one of several security protocols created as VPNs. Each of them provides different features and levels of security. They include:

• IP security
• Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)
• Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
• Transport Layer Security (TLS)
• Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
• Secure Shell (SSH)

Your local computer must run a VPN client to create a VPN tunnel. That includes the free and multi-platform Open VPN.

VPNs and Online Gambling
Do you want to access no deposit online casino sites that are banned in your country? One way to do this is to make use of VPNs. They provide a way to access various blocked websites by causing a site to think you are in a country where the website is not blocked. You can find various VPNs like ExpressVPN for accessing blocked gaming sites.

When picking a VPN make sure to consider both speed and security. In particular high-end encryption can slow down your web connection, which makes it tougher to download gaming content. The process is similar to picking a wife since looking for a particular quality will often result in sacrificing another quality.

Options like ExpressVPN are good ones because they offer features like unlimited bandwidth, fast connection, and 2 connections/account. These are big perks considering you also get super-strong encryption. You should also look for excellent customer service including multiple channels and quick responses.