The Top Tips to Help You Get Started with a New Tech Device

How do you decide you want to buy your next gadget? Do you look at the features, the innovation or just the price? Choice paralysis is something the options which can make the process of buying a new piece of tech far less amusing than it should be. ,

However, no matter what tech device you purchase, we are sure there is a learning curve before you could use it easily. For instance, even if you own a smart phone, do you know how to take screenshots on it?

If own an Android phone for one, you may want to learn how to select a specific area of the screen for capturing to make screenshots easier. Or you might want to install mobile gaming apps to do more.  You might even want to turn on visual alerts.

iPhones and iPods even have different accessibility settings. There is a lot that you can do with your gadget.

The Top Tips to Help You Get Started with Your Tech Device

It doesn’t matter whether you have bought a new phone or another gadget, we are sure you might need some help to get things started.

Here are a few things you might want to do with your new tech device.

Tip 1. Don’t Forget to Put the Right Password

If you connect your email account, be sure to make a smart password or use a password manager.

Tip 2. Use YouTube

Search what you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the page and look what pops up. Ask how to set up your new device, and you will get so many results. Look out for the newest videos or posted in the last month if you’re looking for timebound results.

Tip 3. Use the Contact Us Option on the Site

If you’re looking for specific information or features about your gadget, try going to the company website. Scroll all the way from the top to the bottom of the home page and look for help or support. Some even have a live chat option that can help you communicate with someone live.

Even if you have a computer handled chatbot, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting the right answer

Tip 4. Talk to a person

When FAQ’s or chatbots or email doesn’t help, download the free GetHumanApp which available for both iOS and Android or visit Type in the company you need to reach, and it helps you get the information you need to talk to a real or live person.


Do ensure that you reach out to the right customer support – there are tech support scams you need to be aware of.

Be sure that you’re going in for the right support, by checking with the BBB or sticking with the own site of organization. Do not click on the attachments or links sent through text, emails or DM. If you have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask your tech-savvy guide about it first.