Dating as a Way to Earning on the Web

Recently, people have become more aware of what the Internet can give them, and there’s nothing unusual and surprising in this. We work, relax, and communicate with family and friends online. So why can’t we find a soul mate on the Web? A lot of couples found each other online. So what? Their life is great, and they live in happiness and friendship, raising kids.

Today, you can earn good money in the industry that contributes to helping lonely hearts meet on the Internet. The industry is based on creating websites where people register, get acquainted, and communicate. But we’re interested in the other kind of dating – the one that is aimed at bringing Western men and girls living in the CIS countries together. It has long been known that foreigners like women from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. They are considered the most beautiful and family-oriented. In a word, they are the best. Many Western men want to have a Russian wife. Girls from these countries also want to marry an American, German, Frenchman, or an Englishman. Therefore, this business is developing rapidly, having long been transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry.

For the creators of such dating sites, the benefit is quite impressive. Foreign grooms are willing to pay good money for real profiles of Russian girls. Depending on the time and level of access to the profiles, foreigners pay up to $150 for registration. Already at the first stage, half of this amount is taken away by the owner of the dating site. The other half goes to secondary sites that prepare a profile database, advertising banners, etc., which is necessary for the promotion and operation of a dating service. So, creating such a site, your expenses will be insignificant and will pay off after the first few registrations of potential clients from overseas. And having received the first profit, you can further promote your website, attracting more and more foreigners and earning good money on the Internet.

To enter this kind of online business on the Internet, you need to find partners, who can really help in creating a dating site, specifically for the above topics. For example, there is a website called Owndating, in which you can find all the information and help to create a dating site for foreigners. Of course, its services are not free, and the site itself is oriented towards owners of dating business from Russia, but you still can find something useful to improve your knowledge of this industry. You can get a good database of Russian girls’ profiles, dozens of templates for your future website, and many other simplifications when creating your project.

On the Internet, you can earn on such sites and on partner programs. It uses the links to dating websites and special banners. You place all these promotional products on specialized forums, message boards, other websites, and blogs. You can create tasks on various sites offering contextual advertising to attract potential visitors to the dating sites, using the advertising materials of these sites. Try to attract real visitors.


But the most profitable way of earning on the Internet in cash equivalent is to create your own dating website. Sometimes, you can find a lot of good material on this topic among the distributed information products. But you’ll have to pay a certain amount for video materials hosted on them. And, of course, when choosing this or that partner site, be sure to check its reputation online.

So you can try your hand at this not-so-complicated business.


As in any other case, at first, you will need full concentration and a desire to succeed. Do not expect rapid take-off in a couple of days after the launch of the site, but do not be too afraid of possible risks because they are not very big.