Offline Android Games That All Students Should Try

We live in a world where we carry the knowledge of the ages in our pockets everywhere we go. The concept of connectivity governs almost everything we do, including the way we learn. At some point, though, it becomes necessary to take a step back, remove outside distractions and learn.

With that in mind, let’s see what happens when we put our phones in airplane mode and focus in on some entertaining offline games and apps that promote and accelerate learning. Going offline while playing keeps the phone calls, texts, and other online distractions at bay, making it that much easier to learn.

After just a few minutes with some of these games, you’re likely to forget about all the online distractions and maybe even learn something for your effort. Here are a few popular titles for Android:

# 1: Brain Games  & IQ Test

Brain Games and IQ Test for Android is a brain exercise game that borrows significantly from Nintendo’s Brain Age series for the DS. Simple math and problem-solving games along with other enhancements like general knowledge trivia all work together to promote more structured thinking and learning. Regular updates are available to the content never grows stale or repetitive.

#2: Speedy English Grammar

Coupled with collaboration with teachers and peers, Speedy English Grammar can help students develop a better grasp of the structure of the English language through gamification. We recommend using this app daily to increase your understanding of how English grammar works and how to use it properly in written assignments.

We also recommend seeking out a professional writing service that provides term paper and essay help like to students who really need any assistance. If that describes you, and you can not cope with their tasks, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

#3: Left vs. Right: Brain Training

Left vs. Right: Brain Training is designed to test brain power and awareness. Players choose from a variety of available categories to develop cognitive abilities in areas like reasoning, precision, knowledge, patience, and more. The game features six training sections with a few premium add-ons. VIP members can play all categories daily while the free version limits gameplay to three training modules per day.

#4: Memrise

Memrise is a language learning app that also uses gamification as the primary teaching tool. The app is designed to entertain the student while he or she learns. While it is unlikely that you will develop fluency in foreign languages using an offline smartphone app, Memrise will help train your brain to think in ways it might not have learned to do before. The app offers the opportunity to learn essential elements of more than 100 languages. The free version has a wealth of offline features. The premium version provides even more.

#5: Chess Tactics Pro

No list of learning games would be complete without a nod to one of the originals: Chess. There are few better gaming platforms for expanding cognitive ability or learning the art of strategy. Chess is one of the oldest and most enduring educational games there is an electronic version like Chess Tactics Pro take the experience of learning and playing the game to a new level.

Much more than just the standard classic game, this app features numerous offline chess-based puzzles that teach even more about the intricacies and strategies of the game. If your goal is to become a better strategic thinker or Chess player, this is a real learning app that can help you achieve that goal.

We hope that the ideas above will motivate you to disconnect from all the distractions and focus on learning. In just a few minutes a day, it is possible to both exercise and expands your brain, making it easier to learn more complex concepts and get better grades. The five games above can help you get offline and give your mind the workout it deserves without ditching the tech you know and love.