Most Shocking Reasons Why You Need A Door Camera For Your Home

In the US, there are 2.5 million burglaries. Of these, 66% are home break-ins. Homes that lack a security camera have a 300% of getting broken into. In fact, most break-ins last between 8 to 10 minutes.

With a door camera in place, not only can you deter a burglar from breaking in but you can watch your home while at work. That is not all. You can receive an alert in case unauthorized persons are in your property.

Apart from the reasons above, there are more shocking reasons why you need a door camera.

Read on to find out the most shocking reasons why you need a smart door camera for your home.

1. Capture a Peeping Tom

Homeowners spend a lot of money designing a home or finding the perfect home. One of the top most consideration is large windows. Why? To allow natural light into the house during the day and offer a view of the neighborhood, hills or city skyline.

Problem is, it has become an opportunity for creepy guys to peek into your home. Not only is this an invasion of one’s privacy but its creepy. With a door camera and wireless security cameras in place, you can deter such creeps.

How do wireless security cameras work? They work by transmitting video footage via a radio transmitter. The wireless cameras must be connected to your home’s WiFi network. To store your videos, choose a cloud storage provider or set up your storage system.

2. Identify a Package Thief

Have you ever been in a situation where you discover that your letters and packages are missing after delivery? Well, if this has happened to you, what you have is a package thief. Like a peeping tom, a package thief’s aim is to take what is not rightful his or hers.

With security camera placement around your home, catching a package thief is easy. Not only that. If the package thief finds the security system, he or she will drop his or her plans.

In such a case, your door camera acts as a digital signal post. Speaking of technology, try out PieSync and share your Google contacts with your family for emergencies.

3. Finding Out Who the Careless Delivery Guy Is

Speaking of packages, you also have careless delivery guys. There have been several cases reported of how delivery guys handle packages carelessly. For instance, you may have ordered a new toilet or drinking glasses.

On arrival at home, you find your package on your driveway or your lawn. On reading the label, it is the drinking glasses or new toilet you ordered. Suddenly, you realize something is wrong. Upon shaking the package, something rattles inside.

You head inside to open the package only to find out that your new toilet is a pile of pieces. Want to capture such careless delivery guys? Invest in wireless security cameras and door camera.

4. Find Out Who Is Egging Your Home

Ever woken up bright and early morning ready for work only to find your car windshield having a layer of egg yolk? If you have not, lucky you. If you live close to a public street, then this is a common occurrence.

Actually, most homes are egged on Fridays and Saturdays.

Egging cars and buildings is vandalism. When your car is egged, you may need a new paint job.  To capture and identify the perpetrators, install motion-activated cameras around your home.

When shopping, go for models with night vision capability, live on-demand video, and customizable alert zones.

Best Door Camera for Your Home

There are several reasons why you should invest in a door camera. It’s cost-effective, protects your home, and saves you time by screening visitors. It also lowers insurance cost, improves your living standards, and front door safety.

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