Processing the Right One: An In-Depth Guide on the Snapdragon 835 Vs 845

Your smartphone is a computer in your pocket — one that’s capable of more than anyone ever thought possible just a few years ago. And all that computing power is due to the same technology behind your computer: the processor. Your CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is the heart of your phone.

With a good CPU, you can do more than just run games or apps. You can run your business from your phone, vote for a new candidate, or even mine cryptocurrency. Yet, most people can only choose between a SnapDragon 835 vs 845.

While all SnapDragon processors are known as reliable, powerful processors, each generation is different from the last. If you can only choose between a SnapDragon 835 vs 845, keep reading below to learn the difference!

The Fundamentals: Snapdragon 835 vs 845

The SnapDragon 835 is used in some of the most popular phone models today. Part of the reason behind those phones’ popularities is the fact that their prices are kept down. The 835 is an older generation of processor, and that means it costs less than newer models.

Yet, the 835 was also designed to meet older demands. The 845 was designed with the modern demands on smartphone users in mind. It’s capable of handling 60fps, 4k video and has more efficient cores apps can use to run.

Each was made to meet the different demands of each smartphone generation. And those demands change as more people depend on their phones for everything from casting an electronic ballot to smart home control.

Your Phone Processor Controls how Connected You Are

People spend around 11 hours per day on their phones to communicate, work, and play. They’re how people stay connected to friends and family through social media, and it’s how people consume news about the world around them. Without a decent phone, you’ll literally be disconnected from everyone else.

Snapdragon 845 Blazes Past its Predecessor

The SnapDragon 845 is the latest iteration of the phone processor that is built into most modern phone models. With it, phones can run faster with more efficient graphics. They can also record videos at 60fps and can connect to newer forms of LTE bandwidth.

Simply put, the latest Snapdragon is built to both take advantage of the diverse array of modern resources. It also takes steps to future-proof your phone, so that you can use it for longer without upgrading.

Snapdragon 835 Still Holds Up

Although the 845 was built to future-proof phones, the 835 is still a popular model in most cell phones. It’s used in models like the Google Pixel 2 and 2xl, which still stands as a preferred model by most people. While the processor may not be capable of 60fps 4K video, it still meets most people’s expectations for their phones.

Since it’s at least three generations old, the price of the processor has also fallen significantly. That means phones with the SnapDragon 835 caters to people who want to avoid the $1,000-plus price tag of newer models.

Go With the Phone That’s Right for You

Choosing which phone to go with is hard. It’s more than just a fancy, electronic toy; you depend on your phone to help you live your life. And while it may be difficult to choose between SnapDragon 835 vs 845, you should know both will be able to meet the demands of average users.

Both processors can take photos and videos, run apps, and give you good user experiences. Yet, power-users always want to be on the edge of technology. And for them, we’re here. Keep reading to stay updated on the latest tech news, so that you’ll always know what to expect from every new hardware generation.

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