Top 7 Free Ringtone Apps of 2019 You Should Download

Are you tired of the same default ringtones in your phone? Are you looking forward to spicing up your life as a phone user? Ringtones are a great way to bring some fun and uniqueness as you use your phone.

Today, phone technology is becoming more advanced. You no longer have to get stuck with boring ringtones from your phone settings.

You can now download ringtone apps where you can create or customize your ringtone to your preference. You can even share the personalized ringtones with your friends and family.

The experience of having a unique ringtone becomes even better when the ringtone app is free.

Here is a list of several top-rated ringtone apps of 2019 that you should check out.

1. Ringtone Maker

Looking for a ringtone app with more than just the basic features? Ringtone maker is the right choice.

Ring tone maker comes with unique features such as segments where you can create your ringtones. You can also copy and paste other ringtones and customize them to your preference.

This app allows you to either fade in or fade out the music. It also allows you to clip MP3 audio or edit it to use as your ringtone.

Besides, it’s among the simplest apps to use. Ringtone maker is compatible with both Android and IOS devices, and you can download it for free.

2. Zedge

Zedge is among the top rated free ringtone apps of 2019. It is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

It includes unique features such as tone alerts, updated notifications, and thousands of free ringtones to choose from.

Zedge is a highly organized app which makes it easy to use. It also shows the top-rated ringtones, the newest ringtones, and the most downloaded.

Besides being a ringtone app, it has other features such as live wallpapers, HD wallpapers, alarms, and others.

3. Ringdroid

Ringdroid is among the oldest and most downloaded ringtone apps. You might have come across it a while back if you have ever searched for ringtone apps.

Ringdroid is simple to use and compatible with both Android and IOS. Like most apps, it lets you customize songs and make them your ringtones.

Even though it doesn’t come with additional features, it’s an efficient and simple app to use. Furthermore, it’s free and has thousands of ringtones to choose from.

4. Audiko

Audiko is an app designed to do most of the work for you like. It helps you turn your favorite songs into ringtones.

Unlike other apps, it goes an extra mile of customizing your ringtones by adding special sound effects to suit your preference.

Audiko is free and comes with thousands of unique ringtone. You can also download ringtones in Mp3 and m4r formats. Besides, it will let you browse a song by artist name and its genre.

Some of the preinstalled types of music in audio include rock, rap, dance, classic rock, pop, and soundtrack among others. Audiko is guaranteed to give you the best musical and ringtone experience.

5. MTP Ringtones

MTP ringtones is a popular ringtone app that gives you a range of other added features. It has features like setting ringtones, notifications, alarms, HD, and live wallpapers, among others. It comes with lots of free ringtones.

You can also share some of the tones with other devices such as your computer or your friends’ phones. It gives you multiple search options for your favorite music and ringtones.

The most distinctive feature about this app is that you can create your favorite playlist and save it for offline use.

Besides having multiple genres to choose from, it comes with sorting options to guide you and simplify the process of finding a ringtone. Unfortunately, this app is available for Android users only.

6. Ringer

Looking for an app that lets you create your ringtone? Ringer is specifically designed to satisfy such needs. It doesn’t come with other features outside of ringtones.

However, it lets you compose your ringtones and add various musical features of your choice to suit your preference. You can use the ringtones while offline too.

Ringer lets you upload audio files in the form of mp3, WAV, WMA among others. Besides, you can create a ringtone and make it as long or as short as you want.

Since it’s an app designed for offline use, you cannot access other ringtones created by other users. It also doesn’t come with a fade in or fade out option.

7. Cellsea

This app is one of the top rated and most downloaded ringtone apps. The majority of its reviews shows that it’s a ringtone app that’s extremely interactive and very comfortable to use.

Cellsea is unique in that it has the most genres of free ringtones to choose from.
It lets you create your ringtones and share them with other users. You can also download ringtones created by other users.

This app comes with over three ringtone format options, including MP3, M4R, and OGG, among others.

It also comes with additional features such as wallpapers, alarms, and ringtone settings, among others.

You can also fade in or fade out your ringtone depending on what you want. To download or create your ringtone in this app, you must have a free account.

This app is compatible with Android, IOS, blackberry, and windows phone. Cellsea app is guaranteed to give you a fantastic experience while creating and customizing your ringtones.

What Features Should You Consider Before You Download a Ringtone App?

Free ringtone apps give you excellent service without extra costs. However, before you download a ringtone app, there are some features you need to consider. Ensure that the app is compatible with your device before you download.

Also, look at the app’s specifications to ensure you are downloading an app that will suit your needs. Avoid apps that contain ads since they tend to come with malware that can affect your device’s performance.

Applications with the latest features will offer you a better experience. Once you download the ringtone app of your choice, ensure you do regular updates as requested. Updating an app ensures that you get the latest features.

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