Best Linux Distributions for Beginners

A Linux distribution is a version of the open source Linux operating system that comes with a few tools like installation guides, management tools, etc. Also called as a distro, a Linux distribution helps beginners use this open source platform easily. Linux in itself is quite a complex tool and most beginners fail to grasp it initially. Using Linux for the first time is like swimming upstream. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best Linux distros for beginners and first time users. 

Best Linux distributions for beginners

1. Ubuntu- Ubuntu has been consistently ranked as the best Linux distribution for first time users.  The reason why Ubuntu has skyrocketed to the number 1 position is its usability. Over a period, this distro has been refined for several times to make it user friendly. Ubuntu is such a simple tool that it guides its users in plain and simple English language. Through this tool, you can do the following things:

  • You can install Ubuntu replacing the older operating system.
  • If you so want, you can install Ubuntu alongside the earlier OS
  • You can set up partitions for users who know what they are doing 

Apart from its user friendliness, Ubuntu has a great community forum that has answers to almost every question that comes to your mind. 

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2. Linux Mint Cinnamon

This distro provides superior computing experience to users.  If you are a Windows 7 user, then migrating to Linux Mint will be super easy. Meant for desktops, this distro can run on older computers easily. If you look at the pack shot of Linux Mint, you will find that its appearance and manner of using is quite similar to Windows 10. 

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3. Zorin OS

If you are planning to migrate from Windows to Linux, you will have to unlearn the former 100 percent. This isn’t easy as most of us started our computer experience from Windows. How can we forget that to click the ‘Start’ button, the mouse will have to go to the left bottom corner of our computer screens? 

Zorin OS helps us unlearn Windows easily. It is great for almost everybody who is new to Linux and wants to migrate from Windows easily. 

Zorin OS comes with several pre-packed features like Wine and PlayOnLinux. If you have been addicted to Windows games, these features won’t make you feel stranded on Linux. 

4. Elementary OS

While Linux is great for all those wanting to escape Windows, what about the Mac OS users? 

Elementary OS takes care of Mac users as well. Its desktop environment is styled after Mac devices so users can feel comfortable using Elementary OS. Plus, it comes with several pre-packed features. 

5. Slackware

Another distro that you can use to connect your website with a VPS server is Slackware. This was one of the first distributions to have been launched by Linux and currently, it has a strong customer base.