5 Simple and Free Design Tools for Creating Social Media Graphics

In 2019, social media marketing stands at 91% in the US for businesses. With the number of social media users escalating to 2.77 billion the social media marketing trend is unstoppable.

Whether you’re using social media for socialization or business, we can agree on one thing. Everyone wants more likes and followers. With the pressure to increase traffic to your page, it’s confusing how to keep up the pace.

Graphics are an essential element to your social media strategy. They increase engagement, attract traffic, capture attention, and build identity.

Read this article to identify five free design tools to make your social media graphics epic.

1. Canva

Canva has more than 30 million user-created designs. Users attest that the tool is valuable in creating excellent social media graphics. The graphic design tool saves you time and money in the creation of outstanding images.

With such a high number of followers, you must be wondering what features of the tool outstanding.

  • Save branded templates
  • Redesign features for various social media channels and campaign collateral
  • Facilitates the organization of images and assets into folders
  • Invitation of friends to collaborate.

Canvas allows you to create social media graphics that represent your identity.

2. Adobe Spark for Social Media Graphics

If you’re looking for minimalistic and modern graphic designs, Adobe Spark is the right destination. The tool has a dozen templates to choose from. The templates are well sorted for industry category, design type, and size.

Spark has a unique and simplistic feature. It allows you to change the design layout and image to suit your interest. Most importantly, it has a free YouTube thumbnail generator.

3. iStock Editor

The tool has a user-friendly interface. You don’t have to be a pro to use the application. You only need to identify the iStock image and click edit to begin your stunning creations.

 If you’re a busy professional and need phenomenal social media graphics, iStock editor got you.

The tool purposes to enhance your social media graphics, online advertisement, and other digital imagery.

4. Snappa

The heart of the tool is to create graphics in a snap. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to use the use. It’s simple and has unique features which save you time in graphic designs.

Below are Snappa’s unique features:

  • Flexible and adjustable image dimensions
  • Pre-made templates
  • Add text, graphics, and effects features
  • Schedules and shares your social media images instantly.

5. Desygner

If you’re using a mobile device, Desygner is the best tool for social media graphics. It’s a free graphic designer application available on iOS and Android systems.

Desygner multiple features allow you to hyper-customize your images. It provides templates, effects, and visual design assets with a free plan.

Wrap Up

Don’t get stuck with low quality social media graphics. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make your images dope. Free apps and design tools make it possible for you.

Try the top five simple and free design tools to create your perfect social media graphics. If you want more insight on social media graphics, bookmark our blog.

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