8 Key Tips for Hiring the Best Mobile App Developer for Your Business

The number of smartphone users is projected to increase up to 2.87 billion users in the next year. A trend that’s likely to continue for years to come given the dynamic nature of tech-sphere.

For businesses, the increasing number of mobile users provides a platform where they can communicate and market to their customers.

But, it’s not given that your business app idea will be successful especially if it doesn’t add value to the customers.

Partnering with the right mobile app developer adds value in more ways than just developing, which contributes to the success of your business app.

So, how do you choose the best mobile app developer?

Read on to find out:

1. Quality Over Cost

It’s worth noting that developing an app for your business is an expensive investment. However, don’t be attracted by a low-cost option, lest you end up compromising on the quality of the app.

More so, you get what you pay for. If you go for cheap app developers, chances are you get the results you pay for.

On the same note, this doesn’t mean you should blow your budget hiring an app developer for your business. Instead, be sure to discuss with various developers on the cost of your app development project.

This will give you an opportunity to dictate what you want in the app and the maximum amount you’re willing to get the results you want.

2. Check the Portfolio

Before hiring an app developer, be sure to check their portfolio. From their portfolio, you’ll see their past projects and even feedbacks from previous clients.
This can be a good way of judging a developer’s experience and skills.

You can also download some of their previous apps and test the functionalities and capabilities yourself.

A developer’s previous projects can help ascertain whether their interests are aligned with your business. So, look for a developer who has built apps that are similar to your line of business.

3. Look for a Long-term Developer

App development is a long-term process that usually runs for months or even a couple of years. This is due to the fact that apps require regular updates and fine tuning for maximum functionality.

Therefore, the right app developer is someone who’ll stick around even after the initial development is done.

A long-term relationship is built on the basis of regular communication. This allows you and the developer to delegate on the progress of the app and ways to improve it. So, make sure there are no barriers in your communicating channels especially if you hired an offshore developer.

4. Freelancer or Company

Hiring freelancer app developers is a more economical option compared to hiring a company to handle your project. In most cases, freelancer developers are strong coders meaning you can get a quality app when working with them.

But, hiring a freelancer comes with its own drawbacks as far as professionalism is concerned. In addition to struggling to meet your deadlines, some may not offer full support as a company may offer.

Moreover, if it’s mid to large-sized business app; you sure need lots of hands on the development project. App development companies have unlimited resources to develop an app for all business sizes.

Nevertheless, hiring a ‘big-brand’ app development company to develop doesn’t guarantee the success of your business. Instead, aim to find a reputable team of developers. This way you’ll cut down the cost associated with hiring top development companies while still getting post-development support.

5. App Platform

Ideally, the best mobile app developer should be able to develop an app that works all major platforms – Android, iOS and Windows. This lets you target a wider range of app users as compared to having just one version of an app.

However, developing an app for all platforms can add to the already high cost of app development. Therefore, you may consider checking with your market team, what platform most of your customers are using.

6. Reasonable Timeline

Although developing an app can take quite some time, there needs to be a definitive timeline in which the project is to be completed.

In most cases, a good developer will divide the projected into several phases, each with its own deadline. This not only makes it easy to complete the development in time but also shows the commitment of the developer.

With that said, the time frame stipulated should be a bit flexible. Just because the said the first phase will be completed within a specific duration, doesn’t mean that there’s no room for delay.

The delay, however, should also not go way beyond a reasonable timeline.
An app designer should be willing to keep you updated on the progress of each phase. Additionally, they should explain to you how they plan to handle situations that arise, causing delays.

7. Check out Technology Stack

Having in mind that technology is ever changing, you need to make sure a developer is using the latest technology.

This ensures that the app will be compatible with the latest devices used by some of your clients. The technology used depends on the features and complexity of your app.

8. Legal Considerations

Although developing an app for your business may seem straightforward, there are legal hurdles on the way. To avoid any issues, ensure you sign your app developer signs the non-disclosure agreement before working together.

This agreement helps you keep the rights of ownership of the app to avoid any discrepancies in the future. Your confidential business information will also be kept safe thanks to the agreement.

Remember to also ask the developer on about the testing process, feedback solutions and how quickly they can fix arising bugs. Some developers offer a ‘full stack’ approach which comprises of development and testing as one package. Others, on the other hand, charge testing and support as a different entity from development.

Finding the Best Mobile App Developer

Finding the best mobile app developer can be a daunting task for any type of business. But, it’s worth spending the time and money finding the right developer; for the success of your app.

To give you a head-start on what you should look for in an app developer, be sure to use the above guide.

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