15 Shocking Cybersecurity Statistics of 2019

The only thing more shocking than the cybersecurity statistics we’re about to go through is the number of people who have no idea any of this is possible, let alone a threat.

This should be concerning as there will soon be 6 billion smartphones in circulation. That’s almost one phone per person on the planet, and every one of them is a viable target if proper security measures aren’t taken.

It isn’t just about protecting your own information but teaching those around you to help protect you. Herd immunity isn’t just for biological viruses anymore.

Read on to learn more engrossing hacking facts.

Cybersecurity Statistics

Each of these statistics shows a real-world problem and its reach. What you do with this information is its own issue.

Even the smartest device security often misses the importance of application security in creating a total security package. 

1. Hackers know how to cover their tracks. 90% of attackers use encryption to cover their tracks and keep their ill-gottens hidden.

2. Information is key. Information loss adds up to 43% of the cost of an attack. This is the single largest cost of the cybercrime pie.

3. Hook em while they’re young. Cybercrime will be a $6 trillion industry by 2021. Forget drugs or real estate, that’s the real money.

4. Gone before they know what hit them. It takes an average of 6 months to detect a breach of data.

5. Nothing like a weekend phishing trip. 91% of all attacks start with phishing scams via email.

6. Bigger boats needed, not here. 56% of businesses recognized phishing as their biggest ongoing threat.

7. Open season on the many. 30% of phishing emails get opened.

8. Bonus last phishing find! 12% of the email openers also open infected attachments.

The Upside

A shocking set of bad news and terrible bits you just endured. This next set gives some hope.

9. Keep it all locked up behind a unique password. 300 billion unique passwords will be in use soon (by 2020). That is roughly 9 per person on the planet.

10. Data havens do exist. The Netherlands sported the lowest global crime with only 14% of people affected.

11. Job security abounds! 3.5 million cybersecurity positions exist around the world with almost 0% unfilled.

Back to the Downside

The good times are over, back to shockingly negative things.

12. You do not want to go to there. 57% of people in China have been affected by attacks.

13. It’s only money. $3.86 million at a pop is the average cost of a data breach to a company.

14. You can’t cook a Hot Pocket in time. 39 seconds is all the time it takes between one attack ends and the next one occurs. 

15. Businesses are secure. Totally secure. So very secure. 40 seconds is the time between attacks on businesses. Though this is expected to go down to 14 seconds before 2019 closes.

Stay Secure

The best way to protect yourself from becoming one of these cybersecurity statistics is to protect your information. 

Don’t hand out your information online or even offline. Know what you are doing and why. 

The key to success in defeating a world of hackers is to understand the importance and value of your data. 

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